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Bulleted list not displayed well in Docebo CE v4
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Bulleted text displays in various font sizes and some blank bulleted lines in Docebo Community Edition v4. Course published in SCORM 1.2 using CourseLab v2.4. Used Win 7, IE9 / Chrome 21. Content renders well in Moodle.

You may view the issue by logging in at http://www.syslearn.net (username: tst, password: tst) and then launch the DEMO course; note the strange rendering in slide 2.

Many thanks to CourseLab for allowing free download of 2.4.

Seems OK in Firefox or am I not 'seeing' what you expect that the list should look like??
One possible problem is how you made the list...
Did you (a) type it all in using the built in editor or (b) cut and paste it in?
If you cut and pasted it, especially from any MS Office product, then I suggest that you check the background html. It WILL be littered with lots of formatting tags that WILL conflict with the styles that the courselab editor is trying to apply.
Either use Open office or cut/paste into notepad first. Then copy the text from there.
Thanks a lot Nick for your quick response. The copy/paste was the cause of the issue. Terribly sorry for my delayed acknowledgement.
Wish you the best.
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