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Duplicate Slide
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i built a module using insert duplicate slide to save me having to add objects and resize every time for plain text slides. does Courselab view all of these as a single slide? I'm asking because it seems to allow you to skip ahead to any point in the module using the Contents tab even though sequential order only is ticked.

Hi Josiel.. A funny thing can happen when you duplicate a slide.
The objects are saved as new which is good BUT the actions attached can all refer to the original page that you copied.
This messes up everything!!
Just go and check all of the references are OK and it ought to work properly.
I often cut all of the contents of a slide and paste them onto a new slide. The tidying up is tedious but does keep the look and feel of the pages consistent
Thanks for this nick j. Yeah, I copied to new slide for quizzes to make sure actions worked with right results, colors etc. I had choose correct slide in actions otherwise as you say. It was text only pages ie one text box per slide only that I couldn't figure workaround. It doesn't seem to interfere with any other functionality though, that's fine. Thx for reply. Have a nice day. [:)]
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