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Undelete Modules Back To Course
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Hi, I deleted modules thinking that if I rename the course CourseLab will create another course. But instead it overwrote the previous course, losing my modules. Is there a way of getting my modules back into courselab?http://www.courselab.com/clpics/sm_1.gif

Fortunately I used a tool that recovered them on a folder in another drive, then I copied them back to the original location. The only problem now is that am the only one who knows all the modules are there, not CourseLab. How do I open them in it, even if I will have to create a new course for each?

Please help.http://www.courselab.com/clpics/sm_5.gif

Am using the free version.
Hi Francis, I did the same but i was more careful, i made anothor copy of the course and i rename the module name in the new copy, then delete the original module, so it's simply deleted from the two files [:D]
I did the same like you: recover files but courselab insist not to see them.
I'm sorry i can't help myself or help you, i just want to tell courselab that they did a great software but it has some stupid features that may cost me my graduation project in the last 2 days before delivering it [:mad:]
Francis and Marwa... You have both fallen foul of what is very basic file management. If you want or need to keep a copy you have it at least two places on different hardware.
If you have all of the original files especially the .wcl then you ought to be able to open it
If you need to recover deleted files then you need to do it almost immediately after deletion, windows will overwrite the empty hdd space and you are left with broken files. Usually once you realise you have deleted and need them back they're toast.

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