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Courselab dependancies
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Hi, I'm looking at using courselab courses on linux machines. What are the dependancies of a course.

My courses will include flash, sound and Simulations.

As far as I could determine the list would be:
Internet Explorer
Win Media Player
Flash player

Are there any others like Asp.net that these courses won't live without?


p.s. Thanks for bringing great software to the table for educators!
Explorer is needed only for some features (some of the gradients use MS specific code), it depends on the settings you use to publish.
Media player or qt is called as the app to play a file. Change the code for the call for something more linux specific and that will be resolved. Also it's dependent on the user settings for the platform itself and what files call what viewer. The browser and OS will handle this assuming it knows the file type.
Quick time ... no place for it on any of my PCs, there's enough security risks with flash and media player without adding more holes!!
Flash player isn't an issue, there is a linux verson available.

The pages themselves aren't active server based so ASP / ASPX and aren't dependent on NET anything.
Thanks for your reply. I figured there aught to be a way around this.

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