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does courselab book mark in LMS?
It passes the info over, what happens with that depends on the LMS itself.
So the answer is a bit of a qualified yes depending on the LMS and the version of the LMS.
The course should deal with bookmarking information, not the LMS.
A courselab course seems to set the lesson_location information but not retrieve it.
It is not job of the LMS to deal with the current page it is the job of the course itself.
The SCORM 1.2 documentation for cmi.core.lesson_location says:
"The LMS system simply holds this data and then returns it to the SCO when the student is re-entering it, if the SCO asks for it." The lesson_location information should be transparent to the LMS as any information can be stored in there as it is a string variable.
Is there no way to get a courselab course to retrieve and use the lesson_location information? [:confused:]
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