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remove title slide
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Is it posible to publish materials without title slide, bcs I want to creat interactive e-learning material, not course, I need one page without interactive features without navigation [:confused:]
[:)]Hi Maurich,

To remove the Title slide do the following:
Click on Module in the menu toolbar then select Runtime Settings then click on the Runtime tab and uncheck / untick the Show title slide at Module Start check box up.
I'd have thought that whatever you make would still need a title, introduction or version control page. The 'title' page can be what you want it to be.
And Naurich is there a difference between interactive e-learning material and a course made up of e-learning material. Probably the only difference is that a course is made up of more than one block of material. The difference is only in the amount of material.
Thanks for comment. You are right, e-learning course is made up of several bloks, but if I want embed in my moodle course interactive picture with some hotspots or make it as pop up window for showing example I dont need title slide, I need just picture with interactive content
That is a lot of overhead (extra bytes) for just one interactive picture.
How do you produce the rest of your course?
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