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I'd need some help with the Current Results object.
I have made a test with the Test object, consisting of 6 questions. I have put the Current Results Object on the next slide. But I cannot find out how to set the objectives to make it work :(

Can somebody give me the settings for it? How shall I set the Module objective? And do I need to set the Objectives for each question included in the Test?

Coz right now, every time I make a test, it's always 100%. And if a untick Normalize to 100%, it gives an error result...

Thanks in advance!!
The test object isn't a good base for anything. It has some hard coded features in it that set scores and completion status. It is purely designed to test the main results pass between the API and LMS, and guess what the score it passes is 100%.
Make a small module from scratch and use that instead as it sounds as if you are just testing and playing.
Oddly this is an area that is covered reasonably well in the documentation.
As we say on another forum RTFM then when it doesn't work post the module for inspection.
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