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exit and return where left off?
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is there a way i can set my course where the user can exit and then come back later, picking up where they left off?
Yes Brent you use an LMS.
No Brent you can't do this from a CD or net delivered standalone.
Attempting to write variables to someones PC might be seen as a hostile action unless you use a cookie. Then of course they might have them turned off so it will fail anyway.
And if they subsequently view using another PC it will start at the begining or somewhere else if another person or even they quit out of it on that PC before.
So the real answers the same, use an LMS
What you want to do is go see knock up a business case for a piolt system then go see Gila or your head of area to get some seed funding for a trial.
First get a reasonable dual core desktop. Set it up as a server using a normal OS like Win7 pro if the box comes with it otherwise Ubuntu, Debian or Red Hat linux are good options if it's bare. If you are a linux virgin you can buy a support package for the linux OS, the Apache server and MySQL.
BTW If using MS desktops try to avoid using IIS as it will give you limited reliable connection capacity (5 concurrent users and it is in deep trouble) unless you go to the full server MS OS's, IIS really isn't as robust as you will really want. Your IT people might squeal a bit as MS is a known quantity and linux often scares them a lot!!. A WAMP stack is best on windows , a LAMP on linux stack much better in terms of power per dollar/Euro and overall cost.
Use something like Moodle (UCLA use this and it scales well) or Illias as the base LMS. Skin the front end and pages so they look Bonner Group corporate material. Actually looking at the rather poor web site you have forget that and make it look good with some minor mods to a standard template set. This can then not only serve your in company learning materials but can also communicate with your HR systems, HR people like to track what you're up to.
Going a small step further you could also allow external access (hop up to a full server if you do this as the higher FSB keeps the system sparkier under load)and place other customers materials on a restricted section of the system. They can pay per access or for access to any specific material. Moodle has most of the handling systems for this kind of access inbuilt.
Target price at you end would be from about $10 a seat depending on total numbers involved and initial investment in hardware (and time to establish) which could be quite low. For a guide see the many papers on costs associated with OSS LMS
BTW You can have this sage bit of advice for free Brent ;)
The last consulting job I did in the UK was at Ј250 a day ($400) plus expenses, I'm sure Barend would be OK at 300 euro's which is quite cheap compared to the rates your guys and girls probably charge ;)
LOL We do notice quite a few queries come from company mail adresses so this last part is a bit tongue in cheek, we'd probably want more like $500 a day LOL.

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