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Hi every one
When I put apicture in the master slide on courselab then run the course it does not appear,it'extention is .PNG
what the reasons for that,please?
I need it urgently.
Thanks in advance,
Hi Eman, again this is a bit of a vague question. There are a few reasons you might like to consider....
Your options are:
Courselab doesn't like the PNG format.
The browser you are using doesn't like the PNG format.
The PNG format you are using isn't supported by either system. (bit depth, alpha layers, interlacing could all be issues).
If it doesn't work in that format change it to another. A jpg will work on most systems; gif (the format that png was supposed to supercede) will also work on everything. Quite often it is easier just to change formats than try to work around a problem.
If you don't have a paint package (The GIMP is free) then there are lots of online converters.
BUT!! I'd suggest make the master page then save it as a template. Build your pages using that template, I think that will work ?!?!
Thank you so much Nickj changing the format worked well.[:p]
I thought that may be it more difficult and I prefer PNG becauseof its transparency.
I'm sorry for my vague questions but I am trying to make it simple.
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