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Changing modules inside the same course
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Hi everybody

I have the following issue: I'm building a course and I planned it to have 4 modules (corresponding to four different topics). I didn't find a way to link from one slide to the next module (from Last-Slide of Module 1 to 1st-Slide of Module 2).

Can anybody help me? Is there a way to do that or do I have to create separate courses for each topics (instead of separate modules)? I don't see anything like this in the Actions dialog.

Sorry if thereЎs a similar thread about this. I searched but found related.
Hi Alex
You want to go and do a little reading on SCORM content aggregation.
There is no such thing as a course in SCORM. What most people consider a course is equal to a content aggregation in SCORM. A content aggregation can contain multiple activities that launch multiple SCOs.
Courselab makes the SCO's the CAM part (content aggregation model) is handled outside of courselab.
Again you want this then you want an LMS.
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