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publishing on a webpage without an LMS?
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HI All

I want to create some e-learning that people can run off our club webpage without being linked to an LMS. Can I do this with Courselab? I can't see an option when I try to publish my test course. I don't need or want to track who does the e-learning I just want club members to be able to run it whenever they want without having to distribute CDs.
Use 'Publish to CD'.

In fact (I think I remember) you can use all kinds because javascript checks for an LMS and doesn't give error messages if it isn't there.
As Barend notes the publish to CD is the option that you want to use.
For web delivered material you want to optimise as much as you can as you will never be sure what spec PC platform your users are going to have. This would apply to images mostly; for example if the original is 2000 x 2000 and you are displaying it at 200 x 200 then rescale the image on the page that size. If you want to be able to open at full resolution have the original open in a pop up.
Unless you actually tell the web page what size to be then opening the module from outside of the normal start page may give you an odd look but functional page. You'll figure this out when you try this ;)
Oh don't forget to warn your users to allow pop ups or the pages won't start up or run properly, the web browser will complain but as long as you users know it's safe they can allow it to happen.
I'd advise always assume the worst and never assume anyone other than yourself knows what's going on!!
Thanks for the ideas but I can't get publish to CD to work anyway. I get the front page which doesn't look like the front page in design and then nothing else. I looked in FAQs and the link to the zip file it says is necessary doesn't work.
If you publish to cd there is no zip file.
Just go to the map you published to and double click 'autorun.html'.
As Nick says, clicking the link on this page opens a popup with the real story [;)]

In Firefox the 'autorun.html' page looks different from the view in IE.

Just realised that part of the problem is my default browser is Google Chrome which Courselab doesn't work with. Fixed that now just a few other bugs.
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