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lock the buttons
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Hi every one,
I wonder how can I lock the buttons' places ,so thier places don't change with web browsers??
need help urgently please,
Thank you in advance
The buttons are put into absolute positions relative to the top left corner of the browser window.
You can't do more than try and make the buttons appear in a specific position as it all comes down to how the browser engine chooses to render the web page.
there was a suggestion to do that by "change the coordinates of the Buttons to the coordinates of relative rather than absolute numbers"
like this code
(<object id="OBJ_29" x="0" y="37" w="25" h="460" z="8" display="frame" begin="0" type="nav_006_settings">)and these changes will be in runtime.xml
I want to try that but I don't know how can I modify runtime.xml.
So may any one help me?
Thanks in advance,,
Of course make a backup first.

You'd best use Notepad++ which has xml capabilities.
Thank you barend but I mean someone help me to make th coordinates relative numbers with refrence to frame"the final courselab window that appears on the webbrowser".
and I have made backup before writing this thread but i used dreamweaver as an editor.
So how cvan I modify the runtime.xml to do that?
or any approach to solve the original problem at the first of thread[:confused:]
I think it's quite difficulet but you might give it a try.

In runtime.xml the buttons are defined as object; look at their ID and the type.
If it has a type then for this type several methods are defined.
If it has no type inside CDATA some lines of html / javascript are defined.

I think it will take some extra css with classnames or id's to have the objects placed depending the browser.
One real problem is that the objects themselves are typically absolute scale objects, in some cases they will overlap so you also need to consider where each item needs to be in the z plane to maintain functionality if a button and obhect overlap.
Unless you can do it all with CSS then you will probably have to hand code quite a bit of the xml file. This is one of those almost structured xmls so isn't as clear to read as it could be. Finding exactly what you want to change may not be as simple as you'd like it to be.
It will be easier to make your page to a set size and then just instruct the browser to open at a fixed matching size.
If the buttons still move then it's not the positions but the browser. To fix this you'll need to add browser specific corrections for each item type affected. Possibly a couple to deal with glitches caused by object interactions as well.
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