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Conditional run module
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My English is not very good, so I'm sorry.

I want to run the module, depending on the completion of the previous module. If the previous module is successful then he can run the second module. How do I do?
Use an lms. Nick can tell you more ...
As Barend says the best way to go is to use an LMS which will give you all of the functions and control that you want. This is the best way to deliver learning materials.
The javascript SCORM/AICC API used does have comms but it is with specific systems Like LMS/LCMS and not to the PC itself. Remember that courselab when used as a standalone has no memory of it's last use, the reason being the standalone is supposed to be run off of a CD (or other removable media). You can't write to a published CD.
There are a lot of issues related to writing to a users PC, you might be able to rewrite the API to pass variables to the PC BUTit is likely that the browser would see this as a potential security problem and block the action. Your AV system may also object and the PC itself might be configured so this isn't allowed.
So some custom java script or using flash to pass the variables might work.
ALSO your user might just go and change the variable to allow them to continue.
OK So you still want a portable solution?
Get one of the standalone portable web servers, this will probably be an Apache, MySQL and PHP stack. (If you don't understand this then start reading)
LAMP for linux
WAMP or WIMP for windows
SAMP for Solaris
FAMP for FreeBSD
So you can make this idea work on pretty much any
Install this on a USB stick.
Make a minimal install of an LMS.
Set up an admin profile and a user, both need to login to use the LMS.
Configure the LMS.
Add you modules
Duplicate the USB and distribute.
Portable web servers for Windows
MoWeS portable
The Uniform Server

and many more....

The overall speed will depend on the USB version used and the stick itself. Fast is good.
And before you ask yes I have done this myself.
To make life easy MoWes does an easy installer for Moodle, works off the a USB2 stick fine
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