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does anyone have a set of tabs images I could use
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Hi, if anyone has remade the tab buttons (Content, help, Calculator, Settings, About, etc) and would be happy to share with me? - I'm looking for a more corporate look and feel, something more vivid in blues possibly. Many thanks for any help - Chris
Define vivid blues (hue, saturation, surface texture first) and corporate which could be almost anything; examples of what the specific coporate look was.
A graphic or web designer could fill this brief, you'd get charged anything up to Ј80 an hour for a one off.
If you don't have photshop or similar then GIMP or even Open Office draw would let you make these yourself.
I'd suggest download GIMP and from one of the standard sets make some generic blank templates so you can basically colour them in and still have a working base for future versions or changes.
Cheers for taking the time to reply Nick! Gimp is a great tool indeed! all done now - best[:)]
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