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I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some guidance regarding how to set the conditions for a text fill in the blank question with multiple correct answers.
I am able to create this type of question successfuly but only if I assign 1 correct answer. The moment I include a second right answer (by clicking the + symbol) the system does not recognize either answer as correct. And when the correct answer is displayed it shows both answers side by side. However, interestingly enough, if I type exaclty the two words side by side that the system recogmizes as correct in the feedback message, it still shows as incorrect answer.
Any help would be greately appreciated.
I think this has been flagged up before Maris, as you say one correct answer is OK but add any more and they are considered wrong. Presumably it is looking for xyz & abc rather than xyz or abc so the failure is in the code attached to the question block itself.
Not 100% sure of where that is to be found at the moment.
I must admit this isn't a question type as it is too ambiguous and there are often multiple ways to be correct which are too easy to overlook, and ideally you need to cover them all
Hi and thank you for the reply Nick!

It is good to know that the problem is within the code and not due to something I overlooked. Since this is an error that hinders the use of an otherwise wonderful program, I wonder if the guys at Courselab plan to fix it.


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