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Upgraded to version 2.3 = fixed nav but does not return to last location!
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The navigation control is definately broken in version 2.3

Upgrading made it work exactly as it should.

However, after upgrading, my course no longer returns to its last location (bookmarking).

Also, the navigation does not remember the last page you previously visited during a previous session.

Is there something I must do in this new version to get bookmarking and session data to be remembered.
correction - I upgraded from 2.3 to 2.4 to fix the navigation. Bookmarking fails in the new version.
Courselab 101....
Courselab generates learning materials based on the SCORM or AICC specifications and API's.
The API is a functional middle layer that provides support for the module and PASSES COMMUNICATIONS to a software package listening for these messages, this will be an AICC or SCORM LMS.
The comms cover the users activity in the module, Score, mastery score etc (see the respective SCORM or AICC soecs for full detail)
The standalone generated SCORM or AICC modules use a cut down API to support the content as well BUT there is no LMS to listen to and record the comms.
The API does not write or store anything to a local users PC.
So in a standalone the bookmarking might be flagged in the API and the current scores logged BUT nothing is recorded it so standalones have no 'memory' of last use. Hence open it a 2nd/3rd/4th time and the module will always start from the begining.
It isn't broken, you are using a feature out of context.
Host the module on an LMS and it will work as that is the environment it is supposed to be used in.
I know all about AICC and SCORM.

I loaded the build in Moodle and SCORM Cloud.

The bookmarking doesnt work with 2.4 only version 2.3
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