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list slide names that become links when visited
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I have a variable called MaxSlideReached that keeps track of the farthest slide reached in the course.

For the navigation, besides the previous and next button, I am creating a list of all the slides allowing the user to click the name and to jump any previously viewed slide, but not jump ahead to ones unvisited.

Is there an easier way to do this than test the variable for each slide link.

I'd like to put this navigation on the master page but it doesn't appear possible.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I forget:
Define the textbox on page 1.
Then on every page using an action you can show this textbox.
You could make a global variable (string) in which you put the text with links.
initially 'goto page<br />
This sitring contains html / javascript.
Then on every page add a new piece of code specific for this new page.

On the first page add a textbox. Change the contents like this:
<P><SPAN style="FONT-FAMILY: Arial; COLOR: #000000; FONT-SIZE: 12px" id=links>Pages:<BR></SPAN></P>

Now you can change the contents of the textbox with an action - javascript code like:
document.getElementById('links').innerHTML = 'TEST';

Now, how to make this code jump to a page.
Please have a look at
You could use a <a href="javascript:(somefunction)"> to jump to the specific page. This determines the code in the string I mentioned in the beginning of this post.
That's called strict navigation and is a function you can switch on or off.
There is a menu bar device that lists all of the pages by title and also uses strict navigation so the pages are listed but you can only visit them sequentially or jump back to pages already visited.
Unless you save this variable somewhere outside of the module then it only works for that session.
Probably (quite a few times) been said before but for real tracking of progress that remembers where you got to on a previous attempt you can't beat serving the module off of an LMS.
If you want to make non-SCORM quizzes that are more app like then you are seriously better off using things like Mediator, Auto Play Menu Studio or one of Adobes products.
Strict navigation simply doesnt allow you to proceed until everything on the slide loads.

It does not restrict any other slides from being viewed.
The problem is the error then as strict navigation does restrict you moving further than the next sequential slide. That's what it's supposed to do and what it does.
If you feel up to a challenge you can try the task controller you'll find it in the object library under simulations. It is very obscure but ought to give you very granular control over page navigation.
What version of CourseLab are you using?

I am using 2.3 and it must contain a bug for the navigation control.
I'm full aware of what you are talking about. However, when I enable strict navigation and use the drop down navigation, it throws an error every time.

The navigation works fine if I disable strict navigation. But then it allows them to skip content.
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