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currentPosition property not working
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I am using CourseLab 2.4 and Flash Player 10 is installed on my machine.

I am using "Any Video Converter" to convert video files into Flash video format.

What shall I do in order to use Flash Videos and program synchronization of actions based on the time ticks?
- buy or make a flash video player which can track time or detect playback events embedded in the video
- let this player call a javascript function
- in CL define this javascript function and let it perform the actions you want

Note embedded javascript (javascript you enter using actions-javascript) can (if I remember well) not be called by external modules as the swf is.
This javascript is defined in the header of the html but may be an external .js file.
This javascript function may call functions in courselab.js to perform cl actions.
Thanks Barend.

Actually, as the documentation says "all the events/properties would work if full meta data is present in Flash Video Object i.e. video converter should convert it into FLV 1.1 format", I thought it is dependent on using the right converter.

So, I was looking for which right converter to be used as the simpler solution. If you know one (open source preferably), will that solution be independent of flash player being used?

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