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Browser compatibility/embedded object problems
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Not to beat a dead horse, but are there any plans (either in patches or future versions) to make CourseLab courses fully compatible with different Internet browsers? Will CourseLab 2.6 be that way? And if so, when will it be on the market?

My second question is about embedding media. I've seen a lot of people mention converting the video/mp3 files to Flash media. Is this the only reliable solution, or has anybody found other ones that might help?

Thanks in advance!
On increasing cross compatibility... many systems convert the content on the fly to flash to achieve this. Of course it falls over quite badly on some of the tablet platforms.
Possibly a good way to go might be through html 5, then of course it falls flat on it's face on any old browsers. Given the corporate worlds virtual reliance on IE6 that might not be the best idea.

On encoding again it's standards and how it's encoded. The end user might not have that codec and be unable to install it. Flash is a good option as it is widely available. Oh but falls down on some tablets, Nice one Apple ;)
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