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button on master slide toggle content on slides
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I am having trouble getting a button on the master slide to toggle the visible of a textbox located on each of the slides.

I tried making the the button toggle the value of a variable to indicate whether to show or hide the text boxes.

On slide load, I would then show or hide the textbox depending on the value of the variable.

This does not work since the master slide can't reload the update slide.

Any help or examples would be greatly apperciated.

As the objects will typically have different unique names on different pages using the master slide might not be the best way to go. Once you set the variables on page one to reveal the objects you've probably set the variables globally. But you've noticed that already!!
?? Reset the variables as an action occurring before the page loads.
I'd probably just add a button that looks like it's a part of the basic layout but is actually added on a page by page basis.
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