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Hi there ! I'm totally new in the e-learning world. I've downloaded and installed the CL and I've made a very simple course example. The issue is that, I saved the project and when I try to re-open it gives me the following error message: "the module could not be opened, line 3, pos 123, Se esperaba un caracter punto y coma". As you can see, there's a mix between english and spanish!! please help, I don't want to create a whole course and couldn't open it !!
Thanks a lot, regards from Mexico...
Thanks a lot for your information. unfortunately, the problem remains. I've tried to follow the instructions you gave me but still the same error. I'll try to re-install the software and even install it over another PC just to see what happens.
Hope to have a solution soon.
Thanks again for your support.
I think it's not a problem of Courselab itself, I wouldn't bother to reinstall. It's a problem in de module's datafiles.

I would open the datafiles (in Notepad++) and look at the specified line to look for a missing ';'. (I don't know Spanish but I presume 'caracter punto y coma' is a ';'.
On the other hand, I can't find a 'line 3' in any datafile where a ';' could be missing.
Open your datafile. Look for the specified line and character, there is something wrong.

Datafiles are:
1.xml, probably in the map '1'
runtime.xml, probably in the map '1'

Of course make a backup of your files first!
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