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hide IE toolbars and menu bar
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I wish to remove the IE toolbar and the menubar on load of Courslab module to deter user from "save" and "print. I have created a javascript function, but do not know which .js file to place it. Perhaps someone may know where to place this function, or where the code lines are to modify arguments to remove the toolbars?
thank you in advance for your reply.
Hi, RW,

in fact, IE generally does not allow for page content to hide any of IE toolbars (for security reasons). With one exception: if the window is opened from parent window, then window.open method can be called with switches, that switch bars off. You may produce some simple HTML start page, which will open new "clean" window with module immediately on onload event. For example, if you publish the course for CD, you get autorun.html file, which will have such functions included. But be aware not to use it in LMS unmodified, because usually LMS sends some parameters to module in URL. Make sure that location.search part of the URL is transferred to module in new window "as is".
So I just hit Prt Sc and print the content.
All you are going to deter and not prevent, as long as an item is displayed on screen there are any nuber of ways to capture and print or save.
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