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Test Scoring and Corresponding Display
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I'm trying to attempt something with the test form and I'm unsure of what to do or how possible it is.

There is a map layout with an 'attacking' army. I was wondering if, with every wrong question, the army could get 'closer'.

Armies are represented by flags. Miss one question, a new flag is drawn. Miss a second question, another flag is drawn. And so forth. After seven missed questions, the final flag is drawn.

So I would need the score to be tracked. When it descends below a certain score, a flag would be displayed. When it descends below another score, a different flag would be displayed.

Anyone have any ideas?
Hi, Daishi,

You can use Test (or Question) object events onSuccess/onFailure, for example. I think it would be much easier to count correct/incorrect answers with variables (incrementing with each event) and, depending on variable value display flags. This is in general, of course there could be variations, but basic idea is to use these events.
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