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Test Scoring and Corresponding Display
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I'm trying to attempt something with the test form and I'm unsure of what to do or how possible it is.

There is a map layout with an 'attacking' army. I was wondering if, with every wrong question, the army could get 'closer'.

Armies are represented by flags. Miss one question, a new flag is drawn. Miss a second question, another flag is drawn. And so forth. After seven missed questions, the final flag is drawn.

So I would need the score to be tracked. When it descends below a certain score, a flag would be displayed. When it descends below another score, a different flag would be displayed.

Anyone have any ideas?
Place all your fags and make them invisible by default. Then depending on the score, show a certain flag and maybe hide all others. Better is then: hide all flags and then show only the flag you want.

Inb 'Module - runtime settings' define an Objective 'total'.

Then after every question use this kind of script for every flag:
IF SCORE(Objective='total',Source='',Condition='>=', Score='10')

Hrrrrm I didn't even contemplate scripting it that way. I'm going to give it a crack after Thanksgiving. Thanks for the script!
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