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Firefox and Internet Explorer
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My CourseLab file runs perfectly in IE. However, in Firefox, courselab's own autoshapes do not plot properly, and even worse, the fonts become inconsistent - they are all displaying correctly as Ariel 12 in IE. Graphics also don't display properly in Firefox as they will overlap text - again, this doesn't happen in IE.
Does anyone out there know what I need to do to get the course to run properly in Firefox, and if you do, PLEASE share your knowledge!!!!
Using autoshapes in FF is possible if in 'tools - publications' you tick 'Save autoshapes as images'.
I never use non-standard fonts but if you can describe an example I'll have a look.
Thanks Barend,

In FF, the text appears in several different fonts. It has been formatted in courselab to be all arial 12 and this is indeed how it is displayed in IE.

Maybe also, you could shed some light on why the font changes when you highlight some of it and change its colour. It's very strange!!
Oh, I think it is this feature, sometimes the codes are mixed up a little bit.
Maybe you can use the 'look at the html code' button in a textbox to see what happens in the code.
Does that clarify the situation?
It's just that the editor used doesn't clean the coding. This usually happens when you cut and paste from things like MS Word.
To get clean text cut from an MS office product then paste into notepad, copy from notepad into courselab and the text will be properly formatted.
You can cut and paste directly from Open Office with no problems.
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