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Changing a template
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Big help! PLEASE
I've written a course and now I need to apply a new template. Can anyone please provide really clear instructions so that an idiot like me can follow them so I can do this?
It is quite difficult to change a template after producing a course. I tried and came up the simplest solution: rebuild the course from scratch using a new template.
This is what I was most frightened of as it would have been hours and hours of work.

But I have found a way - it's not perfect but it's hellova lot better than redoing from scratch.

This is what you do:
1. Create a new module
2. In the new module, you select the template you really do want!
3. Then create plenty of empty slides in this module
4. Go to the old module and select all the slides. Copy them.
5. Go to the new module and past them in.

Now, here's the tricky bit - you'll see the slides as if there's nothing in them in Slide View, but they are there in reality - sort of. So, what you need to do is go the slides you copied over and one by one, select everyhing and then cut and copy it into the new slide. Then delete the old, now empty, slide. Repeat for all slides.

Why it's not perfect is that you may need to redo the Actions (if you have any, of course), so it's a bit of a pain in the bum but nothing like what it would be to do the whole thing from scratch!
I forgot to say, when you've done all this, you no longer need the original module which has the wrong template, so you simply delete it!
One other thing - if you don't know how to select all, when there isn't a Select All available on a drop down list somewhere, click where you want to select and then hold down the CTRL key and press A (this is standard Windows and works everywhere).
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