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Compatibility issues
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Hi there,

I'm a developer at small educational firm and the management decided to use your awesome software, since it has many features and a lot of flexibility.

Our in-house built software is not a SCORM-compliant.

How can i get the score out of Courselab module or slide and report it back to our LMS using JavaScript and vb.net.

That was possible when using QUIZ Maker, by using the JavaScript and calling a .net page to submit the results, score and visit information back to database.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Depends what kind of developer you are, content or code...
But the SCORM and AICC API's are all pretty much the same. So if QuizMaker was using these as the core 'technology' then you should be able to hack the js to do the same with CL.
I think this has been done before.
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