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I am a new user Courselab and I find this wonderful tool. However, I have a little problem. I imported a course on my LMS and when I open it, I want it to appear in a popup, but the course does not fit the size of the Popup. How to set Courselab to get there?
NB: my LMS plans to open a popup but the course is not centered in the screen.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Which LMS is this Etienne?
Hi Nick,
My LMS is ElearningManager of Edoceo, but the problem also occurs on Moodle and Chamilo.
When I click 'view module' of Courselab, everything is correct. The content created is displayed in a popup that goes to the right size automatically, but this is not the case with the LMS.
My goal is that the course is displayed in full screen regardless of screen size students.
Thank you for your help.
Flash generated content can usually display at different sizes but html based content doesn't usually rescale properly. Courselab generates html which has got no method of rescaling.
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