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Audio Mute Challenge
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Hi Their,

Need Help!!!

We have designed 30 Slides[normal screen] with a video(swf & mp3) in almost every slide. Can we place Sound off / Sound on button in the master slide and control all the slide.

Challenge for us: We are not able mute and unmute the video as we are not able to see video files in Frame while scripting.

Your quick response will help us

Thanks in advance
Ananth JG
Hi, Ananth,

For non-Flash you can use MUTE method of Video object to mute/unmute. For Flash it is not so easy - Flash is blackbox. But you can try to use JavaScript action and search Flash objects by Id:
for IE: OBJ_ID + "_flashobj"
for non-IE: OBJ_ID + "_flashembed"
where OBJ_ID is real CourseLab Object Id.
I think the only way is to make your own swf&mp3 player.

I see 2 possibilities:
In this player define an ExternalInterface function to mute and unmute the sound.
Then in CL use a button and bit of javascript to control the audio.


In this player define a function to mute and unmute the sound.
Then make another swf with a button.
Use localconnect to let the button mute and unmute the sound in the player.

Thnx for the response.. Lemme try.. but i'm sure this would take good time to fix the challanges - JG[:)]
Suddenly I remember ... once I made a small mistake in the name of an object in a 'show'. As a result, an object from another pages was shown.

I'd do a small experiment: put the player including an embedded 'mute' button in slide 1. Then show this same object on slide 2, only change the flashvar parameters to show another movie.

It might work ...
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