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Error message
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When I try to close out of a course I get the following error message:

"SCOApplyRules: 'g_oSCO' is null or not an object"

Any ideas as to what this means?

PS - I am running this course from an LMS.[:confused:]
Hi, Jose,

Usually this error means that g_oSCO (which is main module data storage) is not restored after loading from LMS. The reason can be:
1. Incorrect usage of module (main objective's) completion status "not attempted". This status can exist ONLY when there was no user activity at all. For example, if user just open title slide and immediately closed module. But if user proceed further on first "real" slide, then completion status must be changed on "incomplete" to allow data to be stored in LMS. It can be done with main module objective initial completion status, for example - it should be set to "incomplete". And this status cannot be decreased to "not attempted" after that - it may produce errors.
2. If the same module was loaded again in different browser - sometimes the specific of browser's XML handling may lead to differences in structure (low probability, though)
3. Some proxy-server may trim long POST requests. This breaks XML structure and it cannot be restored again after that.
These are first suggestions.
I think the main objective settings were incorrect. I changed them to have the status change to incomplete once they progresses past the first slide. This corrected the problem.

Thanks Slav for the help.
Jose, first it is going to be useful to know which LMS this is happening with.
Second open this link and add the problem there too
My client is using GeoLearning. I'll add the problem to the forum. However, I think, with Slav'a help I solved the problem.

Thanks for the help.
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