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Addition to thread on ( Tempates not shown)
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I have had Course Lab for sometime now and are positioned to begin creating courses. These courses are educational fishing courses relating to all species and something which had never been done before in this industry.

The problem for the moment is when attempting to create the first course, I can only get to selecting the template section of which there are none.

I do not find where these need to be download seperatly from the original installation.

Any help here would be appreciated.

That's really weird..the templates are downloaded with the Courselab!
You can't see them even when you have started the "empty" module and you go to View->Task Pane->Templates ??
Maybe you should try re-download it then...[:confused:]
After numerous attempts in trying to load a template I uninstalled the program and re-downloaded it. It now works as it should. Thanks to those who responded and offered assistants.

Have a Blessed Day

Don't forget Ron that you can make a custom splash/title page and content page layout using the standard components such as the next, last buttons, page selector etc and save them as a template.
Good luck with the training materials.
That is correct. I have tried re-download. I'm going to delete program entirely and then re-download. Hope that works. Thanks for your response.

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