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Images in slides and title
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I faced a big problem while trying to insert a .jpg file in title (so I had to save it as a .png) and a .png file into a slide (so I had to save it as .gif)!! What's the problem of courselab with images?? I renamed them ( as 1.png, 2.png), i resized them in photoshop (in order not to be large), but still weren't visible when i was viewing the module!
I use irfanview for quick resizing and photoshop for everything else.

Sometimes I have this problem too, but in the end I found out I didn't use the right settings. F.i. color depth (png) and (non-)progressive (jpg).

Furthermore, I think older IE's don;t show png's.

Hope it helps [:)]
Thank you barent. What do you mean by saying you didn't use the right settings of color depth in .png? I've tried everything...but still doesn't show it while i'm viewing the module!
When saving a jpeg in 'options' I can choose 'baseline', 'baseline optimized' & 'progressive'.

When saving png I can have interlaced or not and somehow I could choose between PNG8 and PNG24 (allthough at the moment I cannot find where I choose these options).

If I can find the time tomorrow, I;ll experiment te see if I can reproduce your problem. Or maybe you have these pics on[:)]line somewhere?
I've already tried PNG8 and PNG24 (saved for web & devices in Photoshop)...none of them working! I don't think that there is a limit on how many images or KB i can upload, is there? With .gif files I've never faced such a problem...but the .gif analysis is really low!
I don't have them somewhere on-line.Thank you very much for your help!!!
A friend of mine tried them and some of them worked, some others didn't. I suppose that there had been a problem while creating this pics. See, they are sketches created on Illustrator and then saved as .png in Photoshop...something went wrong there I guess!!
However, I found a solution!!
Using Photoshop, you can Save an image for Web & Devices. There, you can choose the type of .gif you want. I chose GIF 128 Dithered(which is something that allows .gif to combine colours from the "standard gif pallette")! The analysis is quite close to the one of .png! So, there is no problem anymore!! [:)]
Thank you very much for trying to help me!!! I really appreciate it!!
Hi Natasha,

I just did a small test. Using the 'insert Picture From File' button I was able to put several jpegs and png's on both title slide and normal slide.

You might put some of your pics which give problems on yousendit.com and publish a link here ...
I've just used pngs with transparency, 8bit and 24bit worked OK. Same with various gifs.
It's probably more browser related than anything else
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