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Does anyone know if there's any kind of tutorial to work through to explain the intricacies of courselab?

And does anyone know how to unhide text if you right click text and click Hide, it seems that it is impossible to unhide it?
Tutorials: see Nick's site and the examples on this site. No more ...

Unhide text: in the library look for this object and change its properties.
Please could you direct me to where I'll find Nick's site. Also, what does "no more...." mean? No more help, no more tutorials, no more messages....?
Hi [:)]
Nick's site is

'No more' means no more tutorials. I think nobody has any objections to your messages, so feel free to post more![;)]
I guess I'll have to get off my back side and make some simple how too's.. I tend to have too many other projects running in parallel these days. I'm also getting into LUA
Any favourite topics?
Barend you up for doing a simple one or two on scripting variables as you are better at those than me. Just sometime, I appreciate life is a bit stressed at the moment. Home and family has to come first.
Count me in, Nick ... [:)]
I did a lot of small experiments last year, I could quite easily turn them into small tutorials.
will be subscribing to that barend[:cool:]
i think scripting variables is one of the stronger points of courselab... if only i could get them to work [:D][:D]
I didn't forget, really ... only now not only my wife in on chemo but her mother is in her last days. So it will still take some time before I can start. But I will!
Hi Barend,

very sorry to hear about your wife and mother-in-law.

i'd really like to help and be involved in writing tutorials to make a really clear user guide that covers everything! Please let me know if I can help. we could discuss this further on skype if you're interested.

all the best
i hate to feel so useless, but how do you change the properties of an already created object? I am right in thinking, aren't I, that to view objects in the library, you select View, Task Pane, Object Library? But this only shows new objects to be inserted, not a catalogue of already created objects. Aggggghhhhhhhh![:(]
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