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Is CourseLab crap?
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I am trying to decide if it is or it isn't because:
1. When I try to edit text, I highlight it to select another font and size but not all of it changes to the selected font/size
2. If I hide text, there seems to be no way to unhide it.
3. If I use Actions for making text appear on onmouseover and disappear on onmouseout, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't and when you run the slide with SHift F5, text that shouldn't be displayed IS being displayed even though the mouse isn't over the relevant text.
I could go on but if anyone can help me solve these 3 things, I may have hope yet that CourseLab is OK.[:mad:]
Quote: "if anyone can help me solve these 3 things, I may have hope yet that CourseLab is OK"

We are all just visitors of this forum. We are not responsible for your feelings towards CL.

For me, I encountered some quircks now and then. Some were from CL (like sometimes error messages after I deleted an object). Some were my own mistakes which I could solve after losing some kind of tunnel view.
of course you're not responsible for my feelings towards CL. I apologise if you thought I was implying otherwise. I am simply finding it very frustrating - I know it should do what I want it to. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I can see no rhymne or reason why not, and I kinda hope the online community is there to help, as indeed I will be, once I get through the pain barrier!
And it looks like you're getting there, so at the moment we can probably say 'potentially good'.
LOL Barend they aren't quirks they're character ;)
The answer is still no it's not.
There a few ways to hide text;
Select it from the list of page items (far right on the page)
Make a page level action to hide it.
So that's it hidden and so it stays until you make it reappear.
For this you'll want an action tied to some kind of event like a button. You simply set an onclick type event, select a display action, select the object and the optional reveal effect.
If you've hidden the text on the page items list just right click on the list and unhide.
Simple answer to the general question is NO.
To your first point on editing text and there are a few reason why this might be happening..
You've cut and pasted from a web page or an M$ product like word to the text object and the embedded formatting codes are still present which messes up the formatiing your trying to add.
Copy the text from word etc to notepad then copy that over. Now your default format will be applied and any other changes you make.
You can directly cut and paste from OpenOffice.
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