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Drag and drop
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In the How To's, there is a tutorial on Drag and Drop, but I cannot get it to work at all. I've gone into Format (object), Position and then clicked on box so object can be dragged by mouse, and it just isn't working!

Also, in the How To's, you can select Load Source - but this isn't working for me either. I get a string of files but nothing works when I try to run them. Start.html seems to be the most likely, but I just get a blank page in the browser.

Any suggestions will be very much apreciated.[:confused:]
making objects draggable by mouse only seems to work with text boxes!
It can be a bit object and browser dependant too.
that's right. drag and drop doesn't seem to work (or actually function) in firefox. so whenever there is a need for drag and drop, i always put the clause "use ie to be able..." at the introductions
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