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Test in more than on slide
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I am making a course in which i want to include a question after every 3 slides.
Reading the manual and the corresponding threads i didn't understand if there can be a total score for exercises being placed in different slides.
What i'm trying to say is.. Can i have a total score for 3 questions, one placed in slide 3, one in slide 6 and one in slide 8? And if so, how can I achive this??

Thank you in advance!
Hi, Natasha,

You can use as many objectives as you want to save scores (well, there are limitations in SCORM standard, but I think 255 objectives should be enough[:)]). Each question can put scores in any number of objectives (look at the Scoring tab of question object). And Current Results object can display score of any selected objective. Please do not forget to define additional objectives first (menu Module - Runtime settings).
SCORM rules say that there is only one master score variable but within the module itself you can have multiple other variables you define yourself.
Set a variable for each in the module runtime settings and define what it is in terms of score. Just add to the question that it also passes the results to the variable for each block.
If you also set for conditions of the module that each block must be attempted before the module is considered completed and that a set score makes it sucsessful then you should have just what you are after.
I will publish it as a CD-ROM...so I hope there is no problem with it.
So, I should insert a test in every slide (should i insert task controllers?), insert the question, then set a unique variable for each one and set it to the module runtime settings..right?[:confused:] I'm a little bit confused with the task controller and with the tests...should i insert test objects and task controllers in every slide??
There are a huge number variations you can do with these kind of settings.
You can define pages which are essential, ie don't open and never complete the module ; pages that aren't essential ie don't open and complete.
It's also possible to have questions not counting to the master score but are essential to having a module flagged as completed.
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