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I've tried to add some music to my course. I added the SOUND action onClick and it is working. However, I wanted it to start automatically and even if I haven't checked the checkbox in properties, it doesn't play automatically!
Added to this, do you know how can I make it play in Loop?...when the song is done, I have to click Off&On again in order to keep on playing!

Thank you in advance!
If you want it to start by itself then add it as an before or probably better afterdisplay action at the page level.
Looping is a bit tricky, the problem isn't down to the loop itself but the player. Unfortunately you can only count on things like media player but may be able to use quick time or real player. All of these are file based players, that is they play a specific file or series of files then stop. You can tell them to repeat but there will always be a delay.
If you have it and can use it then adding as a flash object would do the job.
For some ideas see here -> http://www.compuphase.com/mp3/mp3loops.htm
Thank you very much Nick!
I'll check out the thing with the loop!Unfortunately, i don't have it as a flash object!
As for starting by itself, I've tried using the afterdisplay action, but didn't work!
You'll find quite a lot of converters on internet. Some free, some payed. Some software can automatically play the music in a loop.

Just one example, not better or worse compared to any other:
Thank you very much!!
Thanks Barend
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