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Macs and error messages
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I have created my first module and it has been tested on a Mac. There were quite a few error messages coming up including:

Error message displayedCall method 003_blocklist showitem undefined

I am wondernig if it works with Macs or if anyone knows how to fix this error message?

Best wishes
The Mac is probably using a webkit based browser, given the problems making things like this work reliably on one platfrom (IE) having it work on render engines that work differently is a problem.
Webkit is fast but part of that speed is due to the way and sequence it renders, this can cause problems with even normal web pages.
You'll probably need to add a discailmer stating the modules are only guaranteed to work on IE.
The flash based systems, where the content is rendered using flash will work... well assuming they have the right version.
Compatibility between browsers and browser versions is to put it mildly tricky.
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