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I am trying to insert autoshapes that can be dragged to a position by a user. I have clicked on the 'can be dragged by user option' but when I preview the slide I can't drag them.
Is this is a bug in Courselab or has anyone got this to work? I was using the Oval shape with text added.
I did a small test: IE8 doesn't allow dragging, FF does. I don't have multiplIE on this (win 7) computer, so I cannot test older versions but could it be possible that the reason is some safety restriction?
All of the Exploer series have been flawed, some are just worse than others.
8 is using a newer rendering engine but can be switched into a compatibility mode. I'm not sure that it will allow an embedded request in a page to ask it to switch over, I doubt it. I'll see if I can find anything on this.
As long as microsoft keep paying lip service to standards and then doing things that patently don't use them then this kind of problem is going to keep happening at every new version of most of their products.
You should try developing web pages, to get them to work on more than one version of IE is a real pain.
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