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Creating and applying templates to new courses
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I have created my first master slide that I would like to turn into a template for other courses. Rather than copying and pasting the items onto a new master slide, does anyone know how to create a template? Also, where would I save it so that it can be opened and used for future courses?
Many thanks
That is an easy one Amanda.
Make up the basic page set, usually this will be a title page and one content layout page.
The go to the Tools drop down menu and select "Add Module to Templates".
You'll then be able to selct the template when you start a new module. It'll be in my templates.
?? You're over at the Royal in Bath ?? I'm over in Cheltenham Gen.
What are you using this for and what platform?
Hi Nick
Yes I am at the RUH. I am trying to develop some modules for the new docs arriving in July/August. Currently blood transfusion, infection control and VTE. My colleague is working on Anglia Ice. I have laods of questions as am very new to this. What are you working on? Are you loading any e-learning into ESR/NLMS? We hope to do this but haven't managed it yet!
Just a dumb PACS Manager so not amongst the elite E-Learning Techs we have here and obviously have neither creative skills or talent for anything.
I do a session at the junior docs induction on PACS that I am tempted to convert & stick online, it's making the time!!
I do have a fun handwashing module that is used by our A&E team. Questions and videos included.
A massive head CT guide, still under construction, 200 images, case studies and a nice graphical menu. (see friendsofcourselab.info for some samples)
I have a cute career progression module that has a few useful ideas in it (image zooms, pop ups on events etc).
Send me a mail and I'll burn some odds and ends on a CD for you.
nicholas.james AT glos.nhs.uk
Try importing as AICC even if its a SCORM module, LOL makes perfect sense!!
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