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Emailing Certificate in Courselab
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Does anyone know how to email a screenshot or slide out of courselab to a predefined email address? Ideally I'd like the user to click on an icon and an email message with a specified address to come up so they can paste the certificate in to it or attach it. Can this be done?
Hi Amanda, Any courselab module or page is essentially a web page so pretty much most html actions can be added.
So you could add a mailto link into a text pane. Clicking this would only open a mail client, that of course is assuming that there is a mail client on the machine.
For example if they use any web mail service it isn't going to work. It may work differently with different mail clients.
So maybe better would be a button that triggers a javascript mailto event. Instead of trying to attach a certificate use the ability to set the mail message. A bit of code to add some text with variables for name etc would be needed.
HOWEVER with any such a system the user has to click the send mail button. Which means that they would have the ability to change any part of it they want to before sending it.
IMHO it is a hit or miss method and far too reliant on a PC being configured or loaded with software or services that may or may not be there. It is also too open to abuse to be considered either safe or reliable for anything of any importance.
But yes it could be done.
Thanks for the advice Nick[:)]
If you're using this on an intranet then it might be easier to drop something into a folder somewhere.
Probably a simple method would be have the push mechanism in an Iframe so it's easier to code. This could then push something to a location or add an entry to a db that says user xx has completed the unit.
Another option depending on what the network is using at a front end might be the use of onenote in sharepoint.
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