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show picture depends on slide
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I need to do the following
add action on apicture in my master page
if specific slide do something
if another slide do another thing
how can i do this ???[:)]
what is the courelab $OBJ_ID.property that refers to aslide that has an identifier SLIDE_9
BTW, I could not get any actions on a masterpage running. I had to copy the same action on every slide.
If you manage, please drop a note how you did it. [:)]
Thanks for help
Actions work on my masterpage
i put apicutre and add actions to do what i want
and so on
all of this works correctly
I tried to put an action on the masterslide itself, I never thought about attaching an action to an object on the master page [:p]
thx Hend [:)]
Maybe the help file: 'Objects - Complex Objects - Navigation - Navigation menu' can do what you want?
Or maybe you can use 'Slide Name'?
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