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I tried a quiz from the CL samples and the quiz worked with no issues--it launched in my LMS perfectly.I then built an assessment using CL and uploaded it to my LMS but when I go to preview the content the quiz comes up blank and launches in a player window other than what I've specified. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to troubleshoot? Does someone have a .wcl file I can look at to see how it's configured?[:)]
It might be courselab or it might be the LMS.
Coureslab we know but which LMS is this?
I'm using Saba 5.3 SP2 FP1. When I load the same from the CourseLab site it works fine. [:confused:]
Just a suggestion: did you publish for scorm?
If you publish for cd, start.html opens a new window which might be blank because in start.html a link is specified with wrong slashes.
Good point. I double checked and actually republished the content serval times after making changes and each time I selected "Run under SCRORM 1.2 LMS."
Can we see it somewhere? [:)]
I've posted a version on my CL profile. I really appreciate any and all help. This is not my area of expertise but would really love to learn how to make it work.[:)]
Ehh ... [:)] Sorry, I don't know how to access your CL profile ... can you give me a hint please? [:)]
Easiest way to get in is if you give us an invitation to view it Rod.
You need my emailaddress for that. I never publish it but take my first name (see above), no dot, and then my last name, maaskant.
I have a gmail email address.
Hi Nick and Barend. I've added you as users so you should be able to see it. Again, I greatly appreciate your insights.[:)]
I get the following messages.

ScormApi12.LMSGetValue: "cmi.core.entry" General Exception
while loading the first page after the title page.

Component Microsoft Windows Media Player is not installed (only in FF. That's right, I didn't install it in FF) Check may be skipped, you don't use it.

Component Macromedia Shockwave is not installed (FF and IE. Check on shockwave player may be skipped, you don't use it)

Then when "loading images" is at 98%
ScormApi12.SetValue: "cmi.core.lesson_location" "SLIDE_1" General Exception

Then I get the first page.

After click to go to second page:
ScormApi12.SetValue: "cmi.core.lesson_location" "SLIDE_4" General Exception

After click to go to third page:
ScormApi12.SetValue: "cmi.core.lesson_location" "SLIDE_5" General Exception

The same again:
ScormApi12.SetValue: "cmi.core.lesson_location" "SLIDE_6" General Exception
and SLIDE_7 and SLIDE_8.

Then after closing the popup with the course:
Commit Data Error.
XMLHTTP: Wrong parameter (in Dutch, probably a message from IE).
in FF:
XMLHTTP: undefined

But I did the whole test ... [;)]
I get the course right in IE and FF. Apart from some errors about communication with LMS and some popups because I haven't installed Shockwave Player and Windows Media Player plugin, it seems working over here ...
I'll test again later, must leave for a workshop [:)]
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