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Preload images
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Hi, I want to know why is it important to preload images?

What are the pro's and con's of doing it, and not doing it?

You probably could preload the images into the browser cache.
So why would you do it, ideally this would be to have the images hit the screen faster. However if you have scaled the image to fit the screen you shouldn't have any problems.
For example I want to put a picture from work on a page, the native resolution is 8000px by 6000px, the display page is 1024px x 768px and the space I have for the image is 500 x 400. My choice is have the browser rescale the full size image which will be slow or rescale the image to match the area I have to use which results in a massively smaller file size and it opens quickly.
Preloading was widely used when bandwitdth was reallly low, you's have one or two images that loaded with the page but others you had loaded in the background with the last or even the very first page.
I'd say IF you make the pictures the right size and format they will be fast enough. IF you use a 4MP image to fill a 100 x 100 space it will be slow and you'll just be adding to the traffic slowing down the net.
Excellent, thanks a lot Nick, now I understand fully when to use it.
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