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Safari Blank Page
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I have the following problem, while starting a scorm package with safari out of moodle . When I start the package I only see a white page. The same problem occurs, if started localy on my PC! Help !?!
Does this also occurs with other browsers?
If so, can you put the package online somewhere? Doesn't have to be in an LMS because the scorm packages CL makes can live outside of an LMS [;)]
The Problem only exists within Safari. I also tried the examples of the showcase-section of this hompage. While it works online within the Courselab-HP it doesn't if the package "code" was execute offline.
Safari is fast because (a) uses webkit and (b)it doesn't preload all of the page elements before it renders. In simple terms this is trashing the pages.
I did write up a detailed explanation last night but the server crashed before I posted it.
I know, but why it works on the courselab.com page with safari! Could be the used lms the reason?
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