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How to put blanks in between words?
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Hi there,

Does anyone know how to place a blank in between words within a paragraph? I would like to build a closze passage quiz but the current format of fill in the blank is only a blank placed after the explanation field.[:confused:]
Hi Jlin
The inline text editor is trying to be very helpful here and is surpressing the typed in spaces.
As the text is html you can edit the html directly and get quite fine control over the space between any text.
Method 1
Open the text in the editor and on the far right of the tect area control bar is a little button that switched to an html code view.
Just enter a series of codes for an html space (google it).. I'd put it in here but the page will render it as a space :(
Method 2
Insert a small graphic, a single pixel transparent gif works well for this. You can then edit the padding around the image to set a space in pixels.
In both cases as the space is in the text object so you can add other layers above this.
Method 3
Have the text blocks smaller and place a block before the required gap and then another text object after the space.
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