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playing direct in IE but smaller
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Hi - I have uploaded my course to my website and am using the start.html command to start the course but in IE it is opening much bigger than it does when I run it from a CD - how can I make the screens display[:confused:] smaller when opening direct from IE using a hyperlink to my website please?
What you are doing is just adding a link to a page, without some extra code it just opens it at whatever the browser is using at the time, or what it used last time.
You can't define this as html but need to use a bit of javascript. Either look at the page courselab generates called autorun or search the web for the numerous references to this. The last block starting and ending in the tags "script" is what you need.
I assume that as you have a web site you've used some kind of helper to build it? This ought to detail what to do but honestly this is BASIC level use of html and JS. You probably want to do some reading so you understand what you are doing with html, xhtml and javascript.
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