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Results by Objectives
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I want to display an object at the end of a course to show the learner which questions they got right/wrong.

To do this I have added an objective for every question, there are 21 and used a results by objectives object.

It works when running the course through courselab, but when publishing to our LMS, the slides stop loading around Q13 and you are left with a blank slide, which you cannot refresh.

I have tried with less questions (10) and it worked fine.

Anyone got any ideas of the cause, does SCORM have a limit on objectives etc.???

Any help much appreciated!
The original SCORM spec's 1.n gave a file size for the transactions which was a bit on the small size. This is where all the variables are passed.When it was originally proposed bandwidth was a bit more precious than it is now.
This stayed pretty much unchanged through subsequent SCORM standards and does cause some issues. Some of the LMS coders changed it to be larger, some have such hacked systems, they grew from AICC and just tagged SCORM features on, that they can't adapt this without a major rewrite. Of course if you've already bought in to a commercial platform you are unikely to change vendors (it's called vendor lock-in, explains why so many people stick with flawed products). In this case the only recourse is to ask your supplier to fix it, which is honestly unlikely.
The work around or cure is only to pass the variables you need for recording results to the LMS and instead use local variables in the module itself which aren't limited.
This looks to be resolved in the SCORM 2.0 but the standard is a way from being pblished AND vendors will take a long time to update their products. Expect Moodle, Illias etc to have it available within 3 months of release and commercial platforms in years.
BTW I can't remember which platform you were using over in N&N Craig. I suspect its a lot like ours in GHNHSFT, dumb thing runs 1.3 and '04 content and cites full support but it has to be imported as AICC ?!?!?! I even hand packaged a 1.n and '04 zip which was definitely 100% standards compliant and I was told nope had to import it as AICC. I seem to remember reading some users strands complaining about similar problems, I don't think the supplier was too sympathetic.
I've pretty much given up on having material hosted on it, my material isn't 'core' (read doesn't reduce liability insurance so is deemed as trivial at best) it only teaches people, obviously not what our Trusts LMS is for.
Locally I'm waiting for a tech refresh on our breast screening PACS server should be in about 12 or so months. Post refresh I should have a spare server (not under the control of the Trusts IT dept or our learning team who still think PPT is the epitome of structured learning content); our screening service PACS supplier is 'good people' (not GE) and are happy to helpme as the local PACS Manager for this service. At which point I'll have an LMS to deliver content that actually works and an instance of RSNA MIRC.
We're one of the UK's 8 100% digital breast screening services, as we also image tx from our remote vans this may well make us the UK's No 1 site and the only truely full digital service (that actually works!).
Hi Nick

Thanks for your reply, we did eventually find the cause of the problem. The way our local LMS was written, the suspend data collected to allow users to return to the same point within a course was exceeding the limit allowed via SQL due to all the objectives I had added.
We are in the process of upgrading to a new version of our LMS (developed in-house) and the way this data is collected has been changed and the course runs fine on the new LMS (in test anyway!)
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