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Is it possible to end the actions?
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Hi, I'm doing some actions in the Test object, specifically in the On Test End event.

If the user has an "x" score the code will either add or replace the score for a new one.

But my problem that I'm facing is that I need to end the code, after a certain point.

Is it possible to stop, end or exit the actions? [:confused:]


Roberto Torres
I presume the ending will be based on some condition.
Can't you use an if - else construction to perform only the actions needed?
It worked as you said, it was too much work to do, probably a switch with a break would have been easier if CourseLab allows it.

If you know about switch then you probably have little problem with a piece of javascript.
You might put the values in variables, read and process them in javascript and then put the results back in a variable.

I don't know by head but somewhere on this forum is a description how to read and write CL variables in javascript.

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