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Status of CourseLab?
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Hi there,
I'd like to use CourseLab for e-Learning development because it has lots of functionality very interesting for me.
However, I cannot access the company's portal and there seems not to have been development after version 2.4.
Can someone shed some light on the status and future of CourseLab?
Hi Roland
As far as I know Courselab the english version was a spin off of the main version which is Russian language. I think that's at 2.5 or so.
There have been a few revisions to bug fix but as you say no major revisions.
I've never seen a road map but I understand that the next version was going to be a fairly substantial update.
Being that for Slav and the dev team courselab isn't their main job it's not suprising that it's not going to be appearing as quickly as we'd all like.
Hi Nick,
thanks for the answer. As I'm new to CourseLab I apologize for not being familiar with the situation. Does your answer imply that WebSoft Lfd. doesn't exist any longer but CourseLab is still maintained by the developers? Does Slav or someone else read this thread and hopefully reply to my question? Or should I contact Slav via another channel?
Thanks and regards
If you look Slav's phone and fax numbers are publicly avaiable along with a mail address or two. So should be contactable.
The business model here was free main component then sell add-ons which needed market penetration.
Lets be honest what we are getting for free is as good as many content generation systems costing very bloated prices.
LOL Time for a rant...
I've found a strange attitude in some corporate thinking that says 'free/FOSS' = Not good, expensive/branded = must be good.
As an example I was using the evaluation version of winzip to encrypt data, one comment from above was it's free so it can't be any good; so they bought a product that encrypted using 7zip, but that was good because it cost money per seat.
A lot of the large commercial bodies which is where this kind of money is in generating training material are often tied to archaic LCMS systems that barely support AICC let alone SCORM and tend to have tool sets that bodge the content to meet the quirks of the platform.
We have this where I work, it proudly procliams 2004 support .. as long as you import content as AICC, it also fails miserably with ADLs 1.n and '04 test suites. It also costs about x4 a seat per user over Illias or Moodle plus the buy in & support costs!!
Oh but I can get Courselab material to work on it with minimal work to the API.
Hello Nick,
I cannot agree more to what you are saying. CourseLab is a really great tool and I appreciate all effort put in it. My post is not about CourseLab being free, it's just my boss would feel more confident if we knew who is maintaining the software and that it is safe investing in it, even more, if a new version is planned, what the functionality will be. Can you give me Slav's full name?
You can try...
Or through here
Slav is still posting on http://websoft-elearning.blogspot.com/ it is in russian tho!
The last post made was today.
If you hunt around there's phone numbers out there too
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